Sculptural Exchange/Miik Green Linton & Kay 2015


I have recently been invited, by local artist Miik Green, to produce a work for a collaborative project. The exhibition showcased new paintings and a new premise for the three-dimensional works, a ‘sculptural exchange’ that saw collaborative sculptural works produced with selected artists (given a solid 30cm cube of laminated aircraft-grade plywood to respond to).

The idea behind the sculptural exchange was to further the premise of a handing-over process, where the artist invites an instability as part of a working methodology. Instead of employing a traditional approach in creating three-dimensional works for the show, a 30cm ply cube was given to 9 artists to respond to; Simon Gilby, Bevan Honey, Angela McHarrie, Anna Louise Richardson, Shannon Lyons, Olga Cironis, Sam Fox, Ben Kovacsy and Tom Freeman. Their response to the block of timber completes the dialogue in this collaborative exchange. 


ben kovacsy:miik green3web


Merrick Beyla essay1 Merrick Beyla essay2